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After receiving a business degree from Columbia College in Sonora, California, Victor Pantaleoni spent seven years working for the federal government before entering the private sector. A member of the Paralegal Association of Santa Clara County, Victor Pantaleoni has served the legal profession as a paralegal for almost 30 years, focusing on estate planning, trusts, estate taxes, and probate.

About Bay Area Law Inc.

Bay Area Law is managed by Victor Pantaleoni.  Bay Area Law has been serving the Bay Area in law matters for over 20 years.  We are experienced in every aspect of Family and Estate Law.

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Our clients are looking to protect their assets and interests however they can.  We help clients with estate issues like livings trust, child custody, guardianship, conservatorship, divorce, and eviction. 

Sandra Rodriguez

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Sandra Rodriquez is the owner and founder of Quantum Financial Services and has been helping Bay Area residents quickly prepare and file their taxes.

About Qauntum Financial Services

Quantum Financial Services is affiliated with Bay Area Law, Inc in order to provide comprehensive tax and estate planning services.

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Quantum Financial Services can help anyone needing to file taxes, back taxes, estate planning, and family law.

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