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San Jose Child Custody, Guardianship, Conservatorship, Living Trusts

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Bay Area Law Inc. can provide help with child custody, Guardianship, Conservatorship , and Living Trusts.  We have been serving the Bay Area for over 20+ Years.  Expand the topic below to learn more about our services or call toll free today at 866-815-8511 to get help with your custody questions.

We have experience in helping our clients with Child Custody cases.  The term child custody refers to another legal term “Guardianship.”  Guardianship describes the relationship between a parent or guardian and a minor who is in that individual’s care.  If you are looking for the right to make decisions affecting the minor in question, you will need to get child custody. Usually, child custody case issues are part of other types of legal cases involving divorce, separation, adoption, or the death of a parent.  Most of the time, a custody case will be decided by what is in the best interest of the minor.  CALL US TODAY at 408-848-5525 to start to process of custody for a loved one.

If a minor (under age 18) is living with an adult who is not the legal guardian, they are not legally allowed to make important decisions on behalf of the child.  These decisions fall into categories like medical care and education.  A probate guardianship can be set up to give authority to the adult to make these critical decisions.  In the situation that you are seeking custody of an immigrant juvenile, the law allows you to extend the age out to the age of 21.  Contact Us Today at 408-848-5525 if you need to gain guardianship of a minor. 

A conservatorship is a care related judgement to manage both the health and finances of another adult.  Conservatorships can be granted as General Conservatorships or Limited Consvervatorships. Don’ts hesitate to get the experience and help you need. Call us today at 408-848-5525 to get help!

A living trust is a legal document which places your assets into a rust that can be used for your benefit while alive. In the case of your death, the trust will be handed over to your designee.  A living trust can also be called “inter ivos” or “revocable” trust. When someone doesn’t have a living trust, at their death, the courts decide who gets what.  This process called “Probate” can be costly and may not result in the desired outcome.   Children can be placed in foster care until the court process finishes.  Don’t entrust your life assets and your children to the courts! Take control and call us at 408-848-5525 about setting up a living trust!

San Jose Divorce, Annulments, Legal Separation

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We can help with divorce, legal separation, and annulments.  In California, these are the three ways to end a marriage.  There doesn’t have to be an agreement between either partner to end a marriage.  It is the sole legal right of either spouse to end a marriage.  When the other spouse is not willing to participate in the resolution of the union, it’s possible to get a default judgment which pushes the divorce through.  We strive to make a complicated and often emotion time more bearable be clearly explaining your options and helping you along the way.  Contact us at 408-848-5525 to begin the process.

San Jose Evictions

Eviction laws are different for California than other states.  In the State of California, different events give the landlord the right to start an eviction. 

1. The tenant didn’t pay rent on time;

2. The tenant doesn’t hold to the rental agreement, such as keeping a pet when pets are not allowed.

3. The tenant has been warned about disturbances to others and has not stopped the offending activities.

4. The tenant damages the rental property bring it’s value down.

5. The tenant is engaged in illegal activities on the property.

Certain cities have other regulations that allow a landlord to begin eviction proceedings.  Call us at 408-848-5525 to get help with your eviction process.

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