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No matter what your situation, we can help.  We are experienced with the new tax laws and can help you negotiate with the IRS.  Call Us Today At 408-848-5525 to get the tax help you need.

We can help with your taxes even if the situation is complicated. Tax preparation services, tax filing services, tax experts, tax preparers, personal tax software, calculators – if it has to do with filing personal taxes, Quantum Financial Services is ready to help. At Quantum Financial Services we have been assisting the San Jose and Bay Area community in preparing individual income taxes for over 20 years. Call us at 408-848-5525 start today!

An IRS Audit—for many, the thought is enough to send a cold shiver down the spine. But IRS audits don’t have to be scary. If the IRS notified you of an IRS audit, it’s essential to CALL US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  You may be scrambling to gather all the right documents and receipts required but don’t worry, call Quantum Financial Services, and we can help relieve your audit worries. Call us today at 408-848-5525 to get IRS Audit assistance today.


The consequences of not handling a back tax problem grow rather large quickly. To ensure you are not caught in the tsunami of IRS wrath, act promptly and call Quantum Financial Services for assistance.  It’s essential to handle back tax situations rapidly.  Doing so will help ensure you don’t accrue additional penalties. Call us today at 408-848-5525 to get help with your back taxes.

Negotiations with the IRS can be very complicated.  Many taxpayers are overwhelmed by the process and fail to move forward.  Avoiding negotiations with the IRS will only make things worse.  We are experienced with IRS negotiations!  Let us handle the messy work and help get a favorable outcome.  Call us today at 408-848-5525 for help with your IRS negotiations!

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